We, humans, think we are the center of everything.  A baby is born totally helpless and dependent on his parents. As children grow they begin to play with other children and and soon are saying, “mine”.  We are totally self centered as we come into this world.  My granddaughter at a young age would not be able to get over not getting to do what she wanted to do.  If it was a restaurant  choice or an activity.  It would get stuck in her head and she would become very emotional about the disappointment. 

That is a place we have to grow from, self-centeredness.  Actually, when you think of the “Big Story of  the World” we are not the center.  God is the center.  Only when we accept the gift of life from Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection can we change our center.  We must become God-Centered. 

And yet, even Christian Born Again Spirit Filled Adults have these same challenges as my granddaughter did.  So it is good for us to change our focus and put on solely on Jesus.  In the book of Hebrews it says to focus of Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God.  So trusting God is the most important lesson to learn.  Without “In God We Trust” marked on our hearts, we can not have faith and we will be full of fears.

Eternity is outside our time scale.  We think in terms of our hours and days and years, but eternity is on the outside of our time; both before and after.  Wow! That is hard for my finite mind to grasp.  That is where God lives.  Our lives, our 90 or 100 years is just a blip on the eternity timeline.  We are a speck on the Blue Marble (Earth) orbiting the Sun.  And our Sun is just one of the stars in the galaxy.  We live in one of the universes that God has created.  These are all terms that cause us to pause and wonder with awe.  And with all His greatness God is mindful of us.  He has thoughts of you that is more than the sands on the sea shores. And in Matthew  it says he knows the count of hairs on your head.  He is faithful and can be fully trusted His love is everlasting.

So we don’t have to be self protecting and self centered, if we are fully trusting that this Awesome Great God is on our side; and He is.  Then we can give up our rights to plan and go with God’s flow.

Scriptures: Hebrews 6:4, 12:2, Matthew  10:30   

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