Flip flops! Shoes or people who change with the wind?  Some people flip flop from job to job, some flip flop from marriage to marriage, from place to live to place to live.  I am sure this list could go on and on and you may know some people like that.  Although we would not want to say it is ME.  There are other areas we flip flop, and it is not so noticeable.  We flip flop in our heart.  We see what someone else has and want that.  We get it and find it did not fill the real WANT that we had.  The nicer car or the bigger house is only going to bring a BIGGER payment; and NOT fulfill the desire of your heart.

In Philippians 4 the author Paul says that he has learned to be content in all things.  While meditating on this passage the other day it occurred to me that contentment is NOT one of the fruits of the Spirit.  Galatians 5:22 Paul lists the Fruits of the Spirit.  A life lived walking in the Spirit of God will develop love and peace and all these wonderful attributes.  Our only effort is to walk in the Spirit.  But Contentment is not listed.  Paul says he LEARNED contentment.

To learn something requires effort on our part.  To put a side walking one way or thinking one way and choosing to think and walk God's way.  That is not always easy.

When Greg and I ride our bikes around the neighborhood there are places where there is always a head wind and we must peddle a little harder, then we turn a corner and the ride is smoother and much easier.  Our walk with God is like that as we learn his ways and put off the ways of the world that we are so accustomed to.  God's grace is always there.  His lovingkindness always present, but sometimes the ride is a little bumpy or we have to peddle a little harder as we LEARN contentment.  We are learning to walk in His ways and think His thoughts.  Learning true contentment is being fully satisfied with God in your heart.

We only can learn these things and peddle smoothly during the heavy headwind when we study and meditate on His Word.  Build a daily devotional into your life and you will have fewer and fewer crashes along life's path.

Don't worry about anything, pray always and the peace of God (a fruit) will govern your way.

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