Tests!  Ugh! Most of us don't like tests.  I know I don't.  Even if it is an exam that I know I should know all the answers to.  The word "TEST" makes some me tremble.  There is annual training I do in my job and it pops up in the computer based training area.  It is the basic same thing every year; the questions are about things that are familiar.  We even have review material before the test. And still I dread the day I sit down to do it and then hold my breath while it is graded.  I have to pass.

Now be honest, I am not alone with this phobia.  Multiple choice questions are always the easiest; those fill in the blank really tests your knowledge.

Even God sends us tests.  He lets us go through situations that tests our choices.  Which choice will we take the one that lines up with His word and will or the one that lines up with the flow of the world around us.  God is not testing your knowledge but your heart.  Actually, He knows your heart; the test is more for us to see what is in our heart.  So we can deal with it.

In 2 Corinthians 13:5 Paul says we are to examine ourselves to whether we are in the faith.  It is always better to self identify problem areas rather than to have someone else point them out when the more public "tests" bring issues to light.  So, we should examine our spiritual life to see where we are in the faith.

1.  Is there a hunger in you for the Word of God.  It is meat for our spiritual growth.

2. Do we desire fellowship of the Holy Spirit?  Desiring Him to bring enlightenment to your spirit and mind.

3.  Do we love fellowship of other believers?  To worship together in the congregation or to play and have dinner together.  People of like mindedness spend time together.  Who are you spending time with?

4.  Ask with the Psalmist in Psalm 139; Dear Lord search my heart and know my ways and if there is anyway in me that does not please you, show me the everlasting way.

Be a self examiner and you will be more prepared for the testings that come and have peace with the results.

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