I have been thinking of making a list of the 10 things I have learned during the Crazy Love Study. (by Francis Chan)

What is your 10?

1.   God is more grand and marvelous than I could even imagine.

2.  Consider what in the Universe you are doing.... wow in the universe... makes ya think.

3.  Life is but a vapor.  Enjoy the ones you love and do the things to please God because you LOVE Him.  We are only passing through (eternity is a really long time compared to our short life).

4.  Life is NOT about ME.  Most of us walk this journey checking the mirror to be sure we are on our track.  We need to check the mirror of the Word to be sure we are on HIS track.

5.  We all have areas of our lives that are lukewarm.  Perhaps I can heat up areas and be more committed to His will than mine.

6.  Lukewarm people want to play it safe, they want to stay in control.  Luke warm only want to do what it takes to not feel too guilty.  (Attend church just enough, give just enough, pray every once in a while.etc)

7.  God assesses our lives based on how we love.  What does that mean?  1 Corinthians 13:4 - 8, 13

8.  Jesus wants ALL of us.  Don't give Him leftovers.

9.  Something is wrong when Our life makes sense to unbelievers.  Walk by faith (Heb. 11:17 -19 our examples)

10.  When people gladly sacrifice their time or comfort or home, it is obvious that they trust in the promises of God.

Father God / Jesus / Holy Spirit - loves us with a Crazy Love.  A love that can not be removed, from you.  He loved us when we were soooo unlovely.  Let's love him with crazy love and live for Him every day.

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