Today is June 29th.  Thirty-two years ago the Lord blessed me with a daughter.  A baby girl.  Leslie Renee McMullin Bailey

Leslie means from the valley (it is in the valley where there is beauty and growth, it is in the valleys that people live and reside)  Leslie is one who brings beauty and growth out of people.  Renee means "Reborn"  She has been reborn in the Spirit and has new life in Christ Jesus.  McMullin is the name of her heritage.  Bailey is where she lives in covenant union with Israel.

Through the years she has been a blessing and today she is one of my very closest friends.  She is a wonderful mother to my 3 grandchildren and a supportive wife to her husband.  I know that her children rise up and call her blessed and her husband has no fear in him because she is beside him.  She is a Proverb 31 woman.

Her daddy and I have shot the arrow and the Lord has directed the landing.  She is a shining light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Has a heart for people and comes and goes in missions where she extends the Love of the Father to the nations.

I am proud to call Leslie my beloved daughter!

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