Day after Kids Camp at Discovery Camp - Texas.

It was a great camp experience.  There were a lot of firsts.  For several it was the first time at camp (including 1 leader).  Some it was the first time away from home and family (3 were 7 years old).  First horse ride, first bow & arrow shoot, and Oh the water slides!!  I am really looking forward to the testimonies they give next Sunday morning.

I had a weekend of reflection.  We went to a lot of functions at Country Camp in Columbus TX years ago.  Our kids have continued to attend camp there with other leaders through the years.  But our Youth Group have had several different camp experiences over the years of ALFC.  Back then when I did camp it was with the Youth. We went to Discovery Camp, Victory Camp in Alvin, combined some churches in the city and did our own camp and then we did some ODE camps, last year it was with a different church.  Even our Youth have returned to Country Camp.

We have returned to our roots of Country Camp.  Why?  One might ask.  The anointing is powerful, the messages are on target and age appropriate.  The activities are fun and safe; kids all enjoy the camp.  We don't have to plan each activities and all. We just go and enjoy what the Lord is doing with the TBI students and Staff.  It is worth it.  Three days for kids might be enough; but the four days or more for Teens is great.  To saturate them in the presence of God away from distractions.

The leaders have sessions too.  Years ago I attended a leaders session and we learned about the "camp experience" and why you don't get that anywhere else.  This is true of all camps; no matter where we did camp.  Camp is a place that distractions are cut off.  Phone, video games, chores, school and even jobs are all put on hold while you just focus on the Lord and what He has for you.  This is a set apart time.  We should all give some of our time to Jesus every day.  (That was the point on our last day!) Pastor Rachel said it only takes 47 seconds to read the 23rd Psalm and sometimes that is all we give Him but other times it might be 47 minutes.  The greatest Gift we can give God is our time.  One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to send them to an anointed camp that glorifies Jesus.

Even adult retreats can be that same type of camp experience.  We separate ourselves away from distractions of responsibilities.  It may be time for our next Ladies Retreat rather than an in church conference.  I used to be "Retreat Queen" we did one or two ladies retreats every year.  Lately we have been having a conference here at the church or going to something like the Joyce Meyer meetings in H Town.  But these don't have the set apart experience that every person needs.

Give God the most precious gift you can... Your Time.

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