I love using the term "it's a small world" when I should more aptly say, It's just one of God's "divine appointments" Late this afternoon I went to fuel up my boat for a trip this week and I went to the restaurant there on the waterfront. I was by myself and noticed a young man dressed in biker jacket and saw his chopper outside below.
I decided to start a conversation with him as I like to do with people in public places. In the course of the conversation found out he had driven down for the day to come back to his hometown. After a little more discussion found out he had been looking for my son and wondering what had happened to him over all the years since they had lost contact in elementary school......wow

Then He asked me if I remembered all the times he had come to our house yrs ago to visit Gary and all I could say is wow. We were sitting next to each other and were both about to depart but we spent an hour talking about old times in growing up in small town USA........AMAZING how God puts us in right places at right times

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