The POWER of a TESTIMONY vs. the Power of UNBELIEF
About 25 yrs ago before I became a pastor I was asked to give my testimony at a Full Gospel Businessmens(FGB)luncheon in my city. One of the things God was doing in me at the time was showing me His awesome anointing and teaching me how to pray for the sick and dying. After testifying of a few major miracles that I had witnessed, a man came up for prayer after he heard my testimony on God's supernatural power still available for today. I laid my hands on him and prayed the prayer of faith.

He had been passing 2-3 dozen kidney stones over a short period of time and the doctors had no answer for what to do because medicine didnt work.....I can still see the desparation in his face. Needless to say God healed him that day and he went awhile without any more pain and suffering. The day came when he stood up in his church and told them what God had done. His leadership said whatever you received wasnt from God but from the devil and almost immediately he was passing them again.

This young man was working for one of the other members of FGB and went to his house and shared the truth of God's word concerning healing with his family. After listening almost immediately he received that healing again, but now he had to make a decision who was telling him the truth of the gospel, his boss or his church. Every believer learns by revelation of the scriptures and the experiential application of it. Just because one hasn't seen God do mighty works like that doesn't mean He ISNT doing them anymore. I used to believe the same way until somebody testified and showed it to me. He made the decision necessary because he saw the truth testified of and then applied it to his life.

The NEGATIVE power of unbelief will cause us confusion concerning God's word and negate us from receiving everything concerning His promises. Ive seen it in my life when I focused on unbelief. Jesus didnt say to anyone in the NT,"according to your unbelief, let it be done unto you" He said according to your FAITH.

Go testify to the world what you have seen and heard and applied to your life and then see what God does with it..............

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