I believe that many people who study the word of God miss a lot of the prophetic signs and symbols throughout every book and author. Look deeper and see that GOD uses numbers and animals and symbols to give vivid descriptions of events and nations and things yet to come. Have you ever thought about the importance of numbers in scripture. Why was 3 always used with resurrection be it Lazarus, Jonah, or Jesus. Have you ever considered the number 7 as to the day God rested, it represents completion and perfection. Number 6 as the number of man, the mark of the beast, the number of hours Jesus was alive on the cross paying for our sin or even the age of Noah(600) years when the flood came and wiped out the earth. Nations have always been referred to as birds and animals. Some may think it's just coincidence, meaningless, but I promise you that when you study the word in it's completeness the Holy Spirit will reveal things to you that most people will never see.

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