13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil;
Pride and arrogance and the evil way
And the perverse mouth I hate.

I was meditating on this scripture today after watching a news show assassinate the character and name of another conservative, Bible believing presidential candidate. Over the last several elections there has been an ever increasing attack on the people of faith and their views on issues of our day in America. They are daily painting a picture of these people as lunatics, misguided, out of the mainstream of societal viewpoints. This they have done despite the historical narrative of what has made our nation successful through the last two hundred plus years.

One important truth I have learned is that I am not God, but He is. The news media as a whole has denigrated into a mindset of no longer reporting the news but trying to be and make the news itself. This being said, what is the source of this continual assault on any political candidate who professes to believe in God. It is called PRIDE and ARROGANCE, it is having a perverse mouth, one to continue to slander others for a particular gain. The word slander comes from the word diaboli, which is the word we use for the devil himself.

Afterall, Satan is the accuser, the one who slanders. When our society and culture continues to slide away from Godly principles, there is only one direction in which we are headed. In the book of Hebrews, Esau was said to be an ungodly, very profane man with a root of bitterness in his life. It would seem that most people in the media do not acknowledge who God is. The very bottom line is that we are to hate evil as we acknowledge the Lord, remembering that it is He who has blessed our nation and protected us through the years. To demean people of faith so as to achieve your goals of framing your cultural viewpoint is wrong.

To the news media, I would say that you need to remember to "dance with the one who brought you". In my humble opinion, I believe you need to do what you do best, just report the NEWS..............

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