I have been meditating on relationships over the last week or so and the Holy Spirit took me to this chapter today. The first couple of verses in this chapter describe what is expected of us as we learn to relate to God, verse 3-13 illustrates how we are to relate to other believers, verse 14-18 discusses how to react to persecution from an unbeliever and people in general, but verses 19-21 definitely define what we are to do with our enemies.

Four different kinds of people as they relate to us and us to them. I have always loved this chapter and the metaphor used to describe our roles in the BODY of Christ. Apostle Paul uses the human body and all its members as an illustration of our diversities of inherent giftings placed within us all. The other day I saw the movie"Soul Surfer" and I marveled at the beautiful one armed surfer girl. Watching her after a shark attack, it was difficult as she learned to adapt to one arm and the loss of balance on her surf board. It reminded me of this passage of scripture.

If you get something in your eye and your hand was not available, how could you remove it. If a mosquito was biting you on the back, without a hand, we could only wish we had a tail to get rid of it. It all comes down to the knowledge that all God's children have a responsibility. We are responsible of finding a body of believers to get together with on a regular basis. We cannot grow to completeness without the other giftings God has given to others. We have ours to contribute, but no one has them all anymore than your body. No part is unimportant when it takes all of them to edify and encourage the whole. Jesus is the head of the CHURCH that directs the body of Christ just as the brain directs all of our body as a unified symphony.

Just as God has made all of our body parts needful, he has also placed importance on everyone of His children. Sometimes we don't know what we've got until it's gone. Until you lose an arm or a friend, we usually take them both for granted.

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