This past Tuesday I had an opportunity to take my boat out for a short fishing trip to my favorite saltwater "honey holes" to catch a few fish. Over the last 50 years of my 59 year span, I've learned various ways of catching fish. You can gig em, net em, snag em, use live bait or dead bait, and you can throw artificial baits as well. Having done all of the above, I must tell you that my favorite way is the latter. There is something about using artificial lures that is both fun and challenging. Come to think about it, I haven't used anything else for 38 years. The sport of finding the fish and presenting a lure to entice a strike is so much more fulfilling than waiting on something to hit a natural bait.

For 2 hours on this trip I caught my limits of both 10 trout and 3 redfish. By nature I fish for trout and occasionally catch a few reds now and then. This trip was so entirely different and special from normality. It was because I caught 25 redfish during this time while trying to catch my 10 fish limit of trout. The action was fast and furious as I released fish after fish in the 22-29 inch size bracket. They all hit the same lure which looks similar to a small mullet, a bait fish they love to feed on. It's amazing to see how hard and fast a fish would hit a bait that wasn't natural. It caused me to think and meditate on a scripture found in James 1:14 which says," But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed."

We, like those fish can be tempted or lured and drawn away from common sense, Godly wisdom, and doing right things in life. While none of us are perfect, we seldom realize that our enemy the devil uses a weakness in our flesh to go after the lure that is placed in front of us. It can be another person in your marriage, or property that is not yours, words and thoughts come from things we look at. Getting hooked on a line will take you to places you really don't want to go. My icebox and ultimately my filet knife and freezer are the final resting place for that fish that didn't get away in time. I can personally remember some of the stupid choices I've made through the years.

We never have a chance to think about the consequences of our choices before we choose them. So before you take a bite out of the "temptation apple"be sure you aren't hooked into a direction or place you don't want to be.

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