Our government is helping to decide in favor of abortion everyday by subsidizing Planned Parenthood, so why is it government intrusion to change the law back to the way it was since our nation's inception. Government wouldn't be intruding if it were illegal. Why is it murder for the doctor to kill the baby delivered outside the womb and to leave the body of the child in the womb and expose the head so you can evacuate the brains of the blob of tissue, known as the FETUS, which they would say is not a person yet. Friends of mine in Alabama walked and talked to many a young lady in front of several abortion clinics until the city and the feds made it impossible to have a safe zone to keep out of jail. My biggest QUESTION is,"What would Jesus say and do?" Government intrusion STARTED with Roe v Wade in 1973. To me it isn't a lot of difference from the gas chambers of WWII and the Jews; barbaric and demonic forces working. There have been 55 million people killed in the name of abortion, accepted because its legal, unaccepted by God because its taking innocent life.

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