There was a Pastor's wife who wanted a dog, but it had to a Baptist Dog. So, they went to pet stores looking.

At each store they stated their request for a Baptist dog, but didn't have much success, until they went to one small store. The owner said," I have just the right dog for you."

He brought out the dog and told it to fetch the Bible, and sure enough he did. Then he asked the dog to find Acts 2:38 in the Bible. The dog pawed thru the pages until he found the verse and pointed to it. Wow said the couple, "We'll take him!"

Once home the Pastor and his wife had some church friends over and wanted them to see the Baptist dog. They had him fetch the Bible and look up several verses. The friends were impressed and said he was a real Baptist!

Then the Pastor wanted to see if he could do more, so he commanded the dog to heel. "Heel!" commanded the Pastor. The dog immediately jumped up on the Pastor's lap and placed his paw on his forehead and began to howl!

At that the Pastor said loudly, "Oh no, he's a Pentecostal!"

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