Children's Bible Training

Preparing Kids to lead their world today and our world tomorrow.

CBT Overseer: Karen McMullin and Ross Cunningham

At ALFC we believe that you are never too young to learn God's Word. Kids's Super Church is the place for kids to have fun and learn the principals in God Word (the Super Book).  Sunday morning is a large group/small group format.  Teaching children the important principals they can apply to their lives.  These principals are taught through the Main Point teaching, Bible Story and a key Bible Verse along with applicable games.  Lot of music and fun equals learning in a kids world.  Each activity or game has a purpose connected to the Main Point.

On Wednesday there are 2 classes; in a small group format.

All teachers at ALFC have completed the Minister's Course and a 6 hour Teachers Seminar.

Teaching Methods at ALFC:

  • Sunday morning Super Church (Large group/Small Group)
  • Wednesday Children Activities
  • Object lessons and games
  • Song and skits
  • Special events designed for children
  • Puppetry and ministry to others.

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